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New Job Positions - Vancouver

The “New Job Positions – Vancouver” graph represents actual new longshore labour positions requested to be filled by the Vancouver dispatch centre. It is intended to show, at a glance, how busy the port of Vancouver will be for the upcoming shifts. The data is calculated based on combination of input from the Stevedore and/or Terminal operators in the port of Vancouver.

“Dispatch finish times” are stated by the dispatch centre when all requested job positions have been assigned during the main dispatch. Dispatch finish times do not reflect job assignments requested after order and cancellation times.

Daily Vessel Forecast

For a detailed information on work information visit this work information page.
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Weekly Forecasts

The Weekly Vessel Forecast is generated with a combination of direct input provided by the industry’s Vessel Agents (via the Vessel Allocation Forecast system), the Stevedore/Terminal operators and the BCMEA Dispatch staff.

It is intended to show the vessels calling various BC port regions, inclusive of the working shifts, types, and the number of gang operations requested.