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The 7 day Gang Forecast is calculated with a combination of direct input provided by the industry’s Vessel Agents (via the Vessel Allocation Forecast system), the Stevedore/Terminal Operators and BCMEA Dispatch staff. It projects how busy the various BC port regions are.



Connecting goods with people, and ships with longshore workers.

There are a thousand moving parts on the waterfront. We bring them all together. We help British Columbia’s ports run more efficiently by finding and training the right talent to work on them.

We help put the right hands on deck.

As much of our industry is built around metal and machines, the shipping business has always relied on people to keep the supply chain moving. And it’s this human side of the shipping business that we do best.

We represent approximately 49 waterfront employers and, by extension, the more than 6,000 men and women who work for them. Our customer- members are ship owners and agents, stevedores, container and cruise ship terminal operators. We help optimize our members’ operations by adding our expertise in labour relations, safety & training, and recruiting.

BCMEA member companies are a vital part of the BC economy and a mainstay of the coastal community. Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our partners move 60 million tonnes of goods worth $53 billion around the globe every year. If you’ve got it, we helped you get it.

Our Role

We provide the information, expertise and systems that help BC’s maritime industry thrive.

A key role of the BCMEA is to provide advocacy and support for customer members in all areas of labour relations. We advise on pensions, labour legislation and regulations, training, health and safety, human resources, employment equity and communications. We also negotiate and administer two Coastwide Collective Agreements between our members and six union locals. And at three training centres, we educate up to 900 people in 36 unique waterfront job categories each year.

Lastly, we keep an eye on the bigger picture. As the waterfront culture evolves, we help our customer-members embrace diversity and adapt to new technologies.

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How BCMEA Works


Our Team

Meet the people at the helm of the BCMEA. Guided by a Board of Directors, our executive team is here to support members’ needs.

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Our Members

Our member companies operate in ports from Victoria to the Alaska border. Members are ship owners and agents, stevedores, container, bulk and break terminal operators.

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Our Services

We supply a trained, skilled and reliable workforce to a dynamic, vital industry, helping ship owners and agents, stevedores and terminal owners move cargo to and from the waterfront.

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Contact Us

Find us where we belong. The BCMEA Head Office is located right on the waterfront in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

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Head Office

349 Railway Street, Vancouver, BC, V6A 1A4
Reception: 5th Floor

Telephone: (604) 688 - 1155

Fax: (604) 684 - 2397

Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm (Closed on Holidays)

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