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Applying for a Marine Transportation Security Clearance

Transport Canada has implemented the new TSC process starting March 11, 2024. Anyone applying for TSC must complete a “TSC Onboarding Form” and submit it to BCMEA Dispatch Administration to start the process. This new process will help speed up the application process times and give employees access to application status on the portal.

Step 1: - TSC Onboarding Form
  • Start the application online by filling out the TSC onboarding form below, OR
  • Fill out the TSC onboarding form available at BCMEA Dispatch. Drop the completed form at BCMEA Dispatch Administration office or send it to

Step 2: - Invite To Start The Application Online
  • Once BCMEA Dispatch Administration receives and processes the information, you will be emailed an invitation code to create an account and apply for your TSC. The invitation code is valid for only 4 days.

Step 3: - Fingerprint Appointment
  • Once your application has been reviewed the MTSC/Port Pass enrollment office will contact you directly by telephone/email to review your application and arrange an appointment for fingerprinting.

If you have any questions while completing the application, please contact the MTSC/Port Pass office by telephone or email.

Phone: 604-665-9661

TSC Onboarding Form

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