WLCP Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is the target audience?
    This program is intended for all waterfront team leaders. The target audience is superintendents and assistant superintendents at the terminals. However, in some cases it may be appropriate to send other mid-level leaders such as managers to the program.
  2. Why should our company participate in this program?
    It is critical that organizations nurture leaders. We surveyed superintendents in the industry who had attended BCMEA training sessions in the past. The majority of them had not been provided leadership development programs since they were hired (if employed with their current company for less than five years) or in the past five years (if employed with their company for five years or more).

    It is important to invest in team leaders. In addition to providing them new tools and context with which to do their job, leadership development programs – if executed properly – can foster increased engagement levels amongst managers.

    Finally, 100% of the superintendents that we surveyed indicated that they would be interested in having more training opportunities provided by the BCMEA. 
  3. Can I send my team leader to only one or two of the courses?
    Not at this time. The program is built to be taken in its entirety. All of the pieces of the program connect together, and it is meant to be taken in a cohort format so that team leaders can benefit from each other’s experience and participation.
  4. What benefits arise from the cohort format?
    Team leaders will develop networks with other team leaders in the industry and will have a broader base with which to connect on decisions, deal with labour relations matters, or “gut check” issues that they are looking to present.
  5. Why is _____________ course not included in the program?
    The BCMEA developed an outline curriculum and presented it to the board. The board made suggestions for changes which were incorporated. The BCMEA then met face-to-face with several customer-members throughout January and February, 2014 and honed in on the concepts that the majority wanted.
    Additional courses may be considered down the road, but may not form part of the certificate of completion.
  6. How will the customization happen?
    The BCMEA is working with Capilano University to provide context to the educational models, and is attending customer member sites to ensure that the program is real and relevant for team leaders. One of the biggest reasons why development programs fail is due to lack of context to the environment. We are working to ensure there is sufficient context. This will also make the learning much for engaging, interesting and fun!
  7. Why is there not a finance component to the course (e.g. finance for the non-financial manager)?
    Several customer members indicated that they did not think a cost or financial accounting course would be relevant for team leaders. We may include this content as a course for higher level leaders or high potentials outside the WLCP should our program be successful.

Contact Information

For more information on the Waterfront Leadership Certificate Program, contact Macey Nielissen at the BCMEA: mnielissen@bcmea.com

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