Training Facilities & Equipment

Traditional training methods have relied on ships arriving in port and our ability to access to their equipment for training purposes. That has obvious drawbacks – for example, there is one rating that involves a 17 day training program, but access to equipment to complete the program might take as long as three months.

Alleviating these inefficiencies led BCMEA to purchase equipment like cranes, simulators, lift-trucks, bulldozers and other waterfront specific equipment to move away from the reliance on cargo related equipment.  This means BCMEA is able to train people in a controlled environment that is more efficient, and more importantly, safer.

Training Centres

The BCMEA has four training centres (click on links for location maps):

The Head Office training facility offers two fully equipped classrooms that can accommodate up to 40 people. We also have a networked computer lab for computer-based training, and a simulator for crane training.

Our Waterfront Training Centre, located on 4.7 acres of land purchased on Mitchell Island, is a world-class waterfront training facility that supports a wide range of hands-on practical training for heavy equipment operation in a safe environment.

The Deltaport Training Centre includes a classroom facility and another crane training simulator.

The Fraser Surrey Docks location is a trailer-based facility with two fully equipped classrooms.


We have a full range of equipment for training purposes located at our Waterfront Training Centre, including:

  • 11 lift trucks ranging from 5,000 to 30,000 lb capacity
  • 2 Kalmar/Ottawa yard tractors
  • A 60 ton mobile crane
  • A 30 ton Liebherr ship's pedestal crane adapted for dry land training
  • A John Deere Front End Loader
  • 2 Top Pick Heavy Lift Trucks: Hyster & Taylor
  • Associated stevedoring equipment and demo cargo.

The centre is equipped with simulators for front end loader and bulldozer training, along with facilities to train in container lashing, log, steel and other break-bulk training.


All crane-related training has a simulator component to provide trainees with ‘seat time’ before they handle expensive and delicate cargo in an actual production environment. The BCMEA’s two state-of-the-art crane simulators, located at our Head Office and Deltaport training facilities, realistically recreate, with vision, sound and motion, all conceivable conditions that might be encountered in a crane production environment.

We can simulate operation of dock, rubber tired and rail mounted-gantries, ship’s pedestal and gantry cranes, loading containers, logs, lumber, steel, pulp, etc. In addition to simulating cranes, ships, locations and cargo types, the system allows operators to experience a full range of weather and day time/night time situations.

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