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Contact Information
John Beckett
Vice President Training, Safety & Recruitment
All Training, Safety and Recruitment
Office: 604-688-1155
Peter Edwards Director, Training, Safety  & Recruitment
All Training, Safety and Recruitment
Office: 604-688-1155
Ext. 422

Cell: 604-360-7565
Ted Vincent
Manager, WTC
Mitchell Island Waterfront Training Centre
Office: 604-324-7821
Cell: 778-228-9387
Chris Fletcher
Field Operations Manager


North Shore, South Shore, Surrey, Delta, Prince Rupert, Stewart, Vancouver Island, Waterfront Training Centre
Cell: 604-671-7880
David Moorhouse
Senior Field Training
Rail (Van.), Bulk (Van.), Heavy Equipment,  Associated Labour Training Programs, Waterfront Basics
Office: 604-688-1155
Ext. 442

Cell: 604-616-5737
Mat Campbell
Field Training
Topside, Dock Gantry (Van.), Crane Simulators, Delta Port, Fraser Surrey Docks, Lift Truck, Checker, GCT Storesperson
Office: 604-688-1155
Ext. 222

Cell: 604-375-4135
Alison Dewhurst
Field Training Supervisor
Steel/Lashing Dispatch - Vancouver, Dock Checker, Rubber Tired Gantry, Heavy Lift Truck, Head Checker, Wheat Specialty, Wheat Machine, Squamish Lift Truck & Checker, Lines, Bombardier, Manlift, DPW Lashing/Labour
Office: 604-688-1155
Cell: 604-363-1730

Suki Haché
Field Training Supervisor
Break Bulk Labour, Tractor Trailer (Province), Cruise Operations
All Vancouver Island Training (except Topside)
All Prince Rupert Training (except Topside)
Associated Labour Training Programs
Office: 604-694-2845
Cell: 604-376-7428
Kevin Jackson Assistant Manager, WTC Mitchell Island Waterfront Training Centre
Office: 604-688-1155
Ext. 419
Cell: 778-788-4031
Adarsh Johel Field Training Supervisor FSD Bombardier, FSD Bulk, FSD Front End Loader, Lift Truck, FSD Checker, Switching (New West), Loci (New West), FSD Tractor Trailer, Associated Labour Training Programs, Local 502 - Manlift, Stewart Recruitment
Office: 604-688-1155
Ext. 443
Cell: 604-655-6140
Wendy Ebbs
Administrative Supervisor Administrative tasks, Safety Stores, Coveralls
Office: 604-688-1155
Ext. 429
Joe Shewfelt
Scheduling, coordination and payroll for trainers and trainees
Office: 604-694-2314
Cell: 778-990-3442
Sid Plested
Training Documents and Graphic Support
Office: 604-688-1155
Ext. 438
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