Port Security Conference of Canada (PSCC)

2012 Canadian Port & Maritime Security Conference & Expo

On May 15thto 17th, the BCMEA attended the sixth annual Port Security Conference of Canada (PSCC), Canada’s premier national conference and expo on port and maritime security. PSCC is a professional development opportunity for those charged with the management and operations of security activities and provides a forum for operators, regulators, shippers, and others to discuss how to most effectively implement security in the port environment.

PSCC 2012 featured a port security exercise prior to the commencement of the conference at Deltaport facilitated by Tony Gutenberg, Enterprise Risk Manager at TSI, Terminal Systems Inc. Participants included active operators, observers, regulators, first responders, private security providers, and technology providers. Tony later reviewed a post script (lessons learned) including a few templates for threat / risk assessments during the final day of the conference. This valuable initiative provided an overview of current regulatory requirements and moved to establish a framework for a national ‘best practice’ standard while engaging all appropriate stakeholder groups in the port.


Beyond the Border, the initiative signed by President Obama and Prime Minister Harper for a shared vision of perimeter security and economic competitiveness, was a hot topic at this year’s conference. Updates on this initiative to establish long-term partnerships that will support trade and commerce between Canada and the United States, while strengthening security and regulatory cooperation, were presented with implications for port and maritime security. Other session topics included integrated security and technologies management, workforce learning and development, security compliance management tools, and security drills / exercises.

The BCMEA is proud to support those individuals that are responsible for providing a secure environment for maritime trade through the Asia Pacific Gateway. During times of significant risk, their efforts ensure the BC ports will remain safe, productive and absolutely reliable.



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