Facility Access Pass (Port Pass) and Marine Transport Security Clearance (MTSC)

All new employees are required to obtain a port pass.

Port Metro Vancouver uses a proximity pass photo ID system to control access to the various secure areas and terminals located around the port.  There are two levels of pass:

  • Facility Access Pass (Port Pass)
  • Marine Transport Security Clearance (MTSC)

Port Pass

Successful longshore and trades recruitment candidates receive a basic Port Pass. In order to receive a pass, candidates must complete an application and provide two pieces of identification, primary and secondary:

Primary Identification

Government issued photo ID that is current and valid.

Examples: Passport, driver’s license, FAST card, British Columbia identification card, Firearms Acquisition Certificate or Possession Permit

Secondary Identification  

Government issued ID with the same name as primary ID and a unique tracking number. Social Insurance Number is not a valid secondary ID.

Examples: Any primary ID not used as the primary, birth certificate, care cards, trade qualification tickets (note: SIN is not an acceptable secondary ID)

Port pass applicants are also required to verbally acknowledge that they have read and understood the conditions of issue for a port pass as listed on the application.

The Port Pass application form can be downloaded here:

 Port Pass Application Form.

Marine Transport Security Clearance

 The Marine Transport Security Clearance (TSC) is controlled by the Ministry of Transportation and requires that candidates fill out an application and undergo a security background check and complete ID check including fingerprinting.  TSC applications are processed by Westguard Security, (http://www.westguard.com/) an independent security provider. An appointment must be scheduled in advance.

Once the application process is completed, it should take from four to six weeks for the TSC authorization to be communicated to the appropriate waterfront Port Pass issuing agency, who will then print a new pass for the applicant.

Longshore workers are encouraged to obtain their TSC in order to open further waterfront employment opportunities.  Certain areas, such as cruise ship terminals and some container-related jobs, are only open to workers with a TSC.

The TSC application form can be downloaded here:

 TSC Application Form

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