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Innovative New Hard Hat for Waterfront Operations

The BCMEA and its safety partner the ILWU will be rolling out a unique hard hat that is a perfect fit for the vibrant waterfront environment. After a detailed analysis on head injuries, and a comprehensive investigation of accidents, a Type II hard hat was determined to be necessary for jobs where a hard hat was previously not worn.

The selection process was rigorous and in the end Dynamic Safety International (DSI) Massif hard hat was chosen for both its functionality and its comfort. DSI is a Canadian manufacture with production facilities in Ontario and Quebec. The DSI Massif Type II Class E Hard Hat is a change from the current hard hat, as it provides lateral protection as well as top impact protection, has a shorter brim and comes equipped with a comfortable chin strap.

ILWU Canada members will be the first longshore workers in North America to use this type of hard hat and will lead most other industries in the move to the Type II hardhat which offers superior protection to the Type I hardhat.

The BCMEA applauds the collaborative work of the Industry Joint Safety Committee, and TSI and its Safety Committees for working together to find a hard hat that is right for the job leading to a safer waterfront.

Posted: 05.07.2014


BCMEA Hosts Asia Pacific Corridor Tour

The BCMEA was honoured to have the opportunity to sponsor the welcoming reception on June 22nd for the second annual Asia Pacific Corridor Tour hosted by Ms. Wai Young – Member of Parliament (M.P.) for South Vancouver. After the House of Commons rises for the summer months, a delegation travels to Vancouver and British Columbia to observe aspects of the Asia-Pacific Corridor on the ground and meet with stakeholders to gain a better understanding of this crucial Canadian gateway to connect with the world. In her role as Co-Chair of the Canada-China Legislative Association, Wai has been a true champion for Vancouver and British Columbia as the preferred Gateway in North America for international trade.

BCMEA Vice-President Mike Leonard welcomed the official delegation and thanked Wai for her invaluable contributions and service to strengthen essential ties with our Asia-Pacific trading partners.

He detailed some of the BCMEA’s current initiatives to ensure a safe and efficient workforce is ready to meet future demand – a workforce that will help Canada leverage  international  trade  to  build  our  country’s  economic prosperity.

This year’s official delegation included:

  • Ms. Wai Young, M.P.
    Member of Parliament for Vancouver South
    Co-Chair of the Canada-China Legislative Association
  • Hon. Candice Bergen, P.C., M.P.
    Member of Parliament for Portage-Lisgar
    Minister of State (Social Development)
  • Hon. Senator Victor Oh
    Senator for Ontario (Mississauga)
    Co-Chair of the Canada-China Legislative Association
  • Hon. Dr. Asha Seth
    Senator for Ontario
    Member of the Senate standing Committees on Internal
    Economy,  Budgets  &  Administration,  and  Social  Affairs, Science and Technology
  • Mr. Andrew Saxton
    Member of Parliament for North Vancouver
    Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance
    Member of the House of Commons standing Committee on Finance
  • Mr. Pierre Lemieux, M.P.
    Member of Parliament for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell
    Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture
  • Mr. Chungsen Leung, M.P.
    Member of Parliamentary for Willowdale
    Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism
  • Mr. Larry Miller, M.P. (after Monday)
    Member of Parliament for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound
    Chair of the House of Commons standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities
  • Mr. Brad Trost, M.P.
    Member of Parliament for Saskatoon-Humboldt
    Member of the House of Commons standing Committee on Natural Resources
  • Mr. Joe Daniel, M.P.
    Member of Parliament for Don Valley East
    Member of the House of Commons standing Committees on Official Language, and Citizenship & Immigration


BCMEA Board of Directors member and President of Western Stevedoring Brad Eshelman also spoke to the delegation about the significance of the shipping and resource sectors to Canada and emphasized the need to educate our local communities and stakeholders of the benefits of these activities to build the social license necessary to continue our progress.

During their official tour, the delegation toured YVR International Airport, travelled on the water through the port with representatives from Port Metro Vancouver, toured Seaspan’s facilities in North Vancouver, met with CN and CP rail, and travelled to Prince Rupert to witness the Asia-Pacific Corridor in action

Posted: 27.06.2014


BCMEA Waterfront Games Update

Work is well under way for the first annual Waterfront Games scheduled for September 13, 2014 at the BCMEA’s Waterfront Training Centre on Mitchell Island.

The team is busy putting together the many aspects of the event - there will be weekly updates in the BCMEA’s bulletin as work progresses. Formal invitations will be sent out in July for the Games which promises to be a great family-friendly event for both industry stakeholders and the local community.


Posted: 27.06.2014


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