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The Human Resources role at the BCMEA is primarily to address the changes required in order to transform the waterfront culture.  Our member companies have recognized the need for change, and they have made it clear they want our longshore industry to reflect the very diversity they themselves represent.

Change on the waterfront is one of our greatest challenges; change that embraces employment equity, and eliminates employment barriers to recruitment and training.  We are also championing respect in the workplace, we strive for a workplace free of discrimination and harassment.

The adoption of technology will assist us in improving our goals of diversity on the waterfront.  For instance, technology can assist in improving the representation of women in the workforce. By modernizing our dispatch systems, technology can also serve those employees with family responsibilities.  Taking advantage of new technology also has the added benefit of reducing our carbon footprint.

It’s an exciting time – change is never easy.  However, we at the BCMEA along with our member companies are committed to the transformation required on the waterfront.   This transformation is one of the keys to being globally competitive.

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