The BCMEA Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program

The BCMEA Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program is a safety incentive program administered by the BCMEA, in partnership with  WorkSafeBC,  that provides employers who implement a robust safety management with up to a 15% discount on their WorkSafeBC premiums. Employers register with the program, and retain an auditor to use an industry developed audit tool to measure their Safety Management System (SMS). If the audit is successful, BCMEA recommends COR certification, and the employer enjoys on-going premium discounts, along with the benefits of reduced injuries and accidents and improved safety culture.

The COR department has experienced some exciting new developments since David Moorhouse took on the role of Manager, Safety Systems in January 2012. In May, Meghan Maclean joined the BCMEA as Safety Supervisor, and Ashley Hooper took over from Mead Miller, who is on maternity leave.

Pacific Coast Terminals, one of COR’s early adopters, recently recertified, beginning their 5th year and adding to their already impressive safety record. PCT has also been recognized by the international bulk sector as having a exceptional safety system.

Building on the work of our previous COR staff, we recently facilitated COR certification of the Vancouver Airport Authority. Earlier this month, John Beckett and COR staff presented COR certificates to Larry Berg, CEO of the Authority, and his staff.  

Nanaimo Shipyards is actively participating in COR certification allowing BCMEA-delivered training in Nanaimo in early October.

The BCMEA is working to finalize the Small Employer COR (SECOR) program documents and training, and we are ready to pilot the program with Inlet Navigation (1985) Ltd., a small tug and barge operator, and the Nanaimo Airport Authority.

WorkSafeBC has directed other employers to the BCMEA program, most notably Wal-Mart, whose BC operation includes over 35 stores and 10,000 employees.  We are working with Wal-Mart to deliver required training, and we are optimistic they will achieve COR certification this year.

BCMEA is actively consulting with  waterfront and maritime employers who have yet to participate, and  other federally regulated employers, and employers with connections to shipping and logistics in the Asia Pacific gateway, such as airlines, railways, mines and retail.

COR staff has also been working in the background to bolster our record-keeping systems, training materials and policy. BCMEA IS staff have been very helpful assisting in the development of a SharePoint database, and improvements to the COR section of the BCMEA website. COR clients can now navigate directly through

The COR department is looking forward to increased growth and activity in the near future and we are excited about the prospect of “raising the bar” of safety throughout our industry in BC.

Interested in becoming COR certified?


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