We offer training programs that will provide the skills and knowledge to support certification. Please note that training is scheduled when a minimum of five participants require training. We will also run custom courses on a cost-recovery basis.

Please contact us if you are interested in registering.

Scheduled Training for 2016: 

Internal Auditor Training - April 7th and 8th

*External Auditors are not required at this time

Auditor Course Fee Schedule 


We offer internal auditor training for permanent employees of registered companies. Trained employees of large organizations may perform maintenance audits only. Trained employees of small employers (<20 employees) may perform both certification and maintenance audits.

  COR Auditor Training Outline

Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR)

SECOR Auditing Outline and Agenda

Auditor Recertification Training

Auditor Recertification training is offered throughout the year as currently certified BCMEA COR and SECOR auditors are up for renewal of their certifications. Although auditors should keep track of their individual certification expiration dates,  BCMEA COR staff will notify auditors in advance.


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