How to get COR?

Employers that are eligible to participate in the BCMEA COR Program are those that fall under the following  WorkSafeBC classification units:


  • 712025 - Commercial Marine Vessel Manufacture, Service or Repair (Ship Maintenance)
  • 732008 - Barge, Tug, or Other Water Transport of Goods
  • 732020 - General Wharf Operations
  • 732024 - Log Towing
  • 732025 - Bulk Terminals
  • 732026 - Marine Container Terminals
  • 732036 - Stevedoring

Naturally Aligned

  • 732014 - Ferry Service
  • 732038 - Water Taxi or Crew Transport
  • 732040 - Harbour Commission, Port Authority or Marine Piloting
  • 762023 - Marine Cargo Inspection
  • 762024 - Marine Ship Agency and Related Services
  • 762037 - Ship Chandlery or Ship Husbandry
  • 763034 - Marine Vessel Surveying

Don't fit in the above classifications or have questions? Contact us 

Become COR Certified in 3 easy steps

Step 1   Complete and submit the COR Program Application Form.  We will review, submit your application to WSBC and issue you a welcome package.
Step 2

Large employer – must arrange to train at least one person as an Internal Certified COR Auditor. The BCMEA can also assist in a review of your safety management system prior to auditing. The employer must arrange with an External Certified COR Auditor to do the certification audit.

Small employer – must arrange to train at least one employee to become an Internal Certified SECOR Auditor.

Step 3

Large employer – contact a BCMEA Certified External Auditor to complete and submit the BCMEA COR audit to the BCMEA for quality assurance review and certification.

Small employer – the Certified SECOR Auditor is to complete and submit a BCMEA SECOR audit to the BCMEA for quality assurance review and certification.

BCMEA will review the audit and, if acceptable, recommend COR certification to WSBC. If all goes well, WSBC will issue a rebate for that year in the spring of the following year.

More information on the COR Program and applications

  COR Program Application Form and Terms of Participation (no cost or obligation)
  Program Introduction (Waterfront)

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