BCMEA COR audits are tailored to employers both large (more than 20 employees) and small (less than 20 employees). Each audit contains an optional Injury Management section that, if completed, will earn the employer an additional 5% WSBC premium discount.

Audit Tools

COR Audit Tool (Excel format. Content locked.)

  Small employer (SECOR) Audit Tool
(PDF version for information only. Contact us for the Excel version of the tool for actual audit use).

  Step-by-step (COR)

  Step-by-step (SECOR)  

All internal and external auditors must complete and submit a Notice of Audit form at least 3 weeks prior to the commencement of audit on-site activities.

Large employers must contract a BCMEA approved external auditor

Small employers can use their own trained employees to perform all phases of the audit cycle.

Audit Scheduling Comparison: Large and Small Employers

Audit Function

Large Employers

Small Employers

Initial audit for certification: If certifying audit is successful, COR is awarded, valid for three years

must be external


Prior to end of year one: Maintenance audit

internal or external


Prior to end of year two: Maintenance audit

internal or external


Prior to end of year three: re-certification audit — if successful COR is awarded for another three years

must be external


The process of maintenance audits for the next two years and re-certification audits after three years is repeated.

 Other Audits

As part of our responsibilities as a Certifying Partner to the Certificate of Recognition program, BCMEA COR is required to facilitate Auditor Quality Assurance (AQA) audits of a representative sample (10%) of its certified external auditors every year. An AQA is conducted on-site and will verify that correct audit processes were followed and that the auditor's findings are authenticated, by identifying similarities, variances and evaluating the overall quality, skill and performance of the auditor. An employer that has recently undergone a certification or re-certification audit may be selected for an AQA. The AQA will be scheduled and is designed to be completed in a single day to minimize any disruption to the employer's business with no additional costs incurred.

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