Certificate of Recognition (COR)

What is COR?

The Certificate of Recognition (COR) is an employer incentive program developed by WorkSafeBC that encourages employers to voluntarily develop health, safety, and injury management systems. The initiative is based on the proven concept that employers who take a strategic approach to risk mitigation and continuous improvement have greater success in reducing the human and financial costs of workplace injuries.

The BCMEA COR Program recognizes and rewards employers who go beyond the legal requirements of the applicable regulations by taking a systematic approach to continuous improvement of health, safety, and injury management. The Program recognizes equally the concepts of managing health and safety and the other components necessary for a successful business, such as profitability and productivity.

The BCMEA provides an opportunity for employers to voluntarily take a proactive role to improve their health and safety performance. Waterfront employers who implement health and safety management systems as well as injury management systems are rewarded through a balanced and transparent WorkSafeBC employer incentive program. The BCMEA is responsible for oversight and quality assurance to ensure continuous improvement of safety on the waterfront.

For more information about the COR program, visit the COR website at:


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