Certificate of Recognition (COR)

BCMEA COR, in conjunction with WorkSafeBC, rewards and recognizes employers who voluntarily develop health, safety, and (optional) injury management systems. 

Notice re. RTW COR
In late 2012, WorkSafeBC reviewed the entire COR program to assess if the program achieved its mandate to promote health & safety awareness, reduce Injury Rate and improve Return to Work(RTW) outcomes. As a result, the Injury Management (Return to Work) portion of the program has been frozen, prohibiting new RTW certifications. See WorkSafeBC Guidance on Return to Work COR During Review 2014. Please contact us if you have any questions about the RTW portion of your COR certification.


Certification in BCMEA COR provides a safer, healthier workplace along with up to a 15% rebate of your WorkSafeBC premiums.

The incentive is based on rebates of 10% for the Health and Safety COR and 5% for the (optional) Injury Management COR. Over time, with a potential reduction in injuries and shorter claims duration, certified employers' experience-rated WorkSafeBC premiums will reflect additional savings.

COR audits are tailored to large or small employers.

Companies with less than 20 employees can perform the audit using internal resources. Larger employers must contract their initial audit with one of our qualified auditors. All employers must qualify a small number of employees as internal auditors through BCMEA auditor training.

You don’t have to be a maritime company to participate.

The BCMEA COR audit process validates your safety management system, regardless of applicable regulations. We represent maritime companies, federally regulated organizations and operations with transportation and logistics connections to the Asia Pacific Gateway.  

It costs nothing to register to become COR certified.

Once registered, an organization can complete its audit at any time. However, WorkSafeBC rebates are paid for the year the certification audit is completed. For the next two years, successful maintenance audits (performed using internal resources) qualify the organization for yearly rebates. Recertification is required after three years using an external auditor (large employers) or in-house resources (small employers). 

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