Board of Directors


*R. Chappell          Westwood Shipping Lines Canada Inc.

Ship Owners Class

  D. G. Bedwell       China Ocean Shipping Co. 
*R. Chappell          Westwood Shipping Lines Canada Inc.
  J. B. Chrystal       International Chartering Services Ltd.
  B. Pottinger         ACGI Shipping Inc.                                                                                                
  S. Pyne               Montship Inc 

Direct Employers Class

Container Terminal Operators Sub-Class

  M. Mihic              DP World (Canada) Inc.
*J. Scott               Fraser Surrey Docks LP
  E. Waltz              GCT Canada Ltd. Partnership 

General Terminal (Break Bulk) Operators Sub-Class

 *B. Eshleman        Western Stevedoring Co.
   J. Webber           Squamish Terminals Ltd.

Bulk Terminal Operators Sub-Class

  K. Lige                Fibreco Export Inc.
 *J. Belsheim          Neptune Terminals.
  L. Friberg            Pacific Coast Terminals Co. Ltd. 

* Member of the Executive Committee

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